School Introduction
The Voice of School Manager

July 2,2019


Hello, everyone; Time flies; we are now celebrating our 10th anniversary. For the past ten years, we continue to choose the best program for our students with limited resources. It is always a difficult choice to pick the very best program for our students. Our choice is based on the idea of bringing happiness and instilling the students with a sense of responsibility in mind.


To form, construct and manage a kindergarten was just a thought for me in the beginning. It was fun working on a new task at first and now the novelty has gradually grown into a passion. In order to broaden my horizons, I enrolled in an early childhood education program in the past two years and graduated with a higher diploma. The course enlightened me a lot in regard to the field of early childhood education.


The thing that strikes me most on reflection is the importance of a teacher’s demeanor and positive attitude in affecting a student. I strongly feel that I want my teaching staff to be positive role models for my students. As the old saying goes, “the best teachers lead by example”. From my experience, I found that a lot of students behave like their home-room teacher. It seems they are constantly subliminally emulating their teacher.


As for the coming year, our objectives are as follows:

  • Enhance our health program for our students. We have linked up Hong Kong medical doctors so that students can see a doctor with a very low fee.
  • We are going to have more activities in exploring life as from a child’s perspective. We will guide them to think deeper into a problem and improve their ways of thinking.
  • Students will be treated with lots of tender loving care at this early stage of life, hoping that someday they will grow up and treat others like they have been treated. We believe that love will mellow out a person’s temperament.
    I cannot stress more that it is a teacher’s job to instill family values, Chinese traditions and moral principles to all our students at this impressionable age in all school programs.
  • We believe that schools and parents are responsible for the upbringing of a child. This year, our volunteer team will have support from another sector other than the education department. A new member from the social welfare department will have a regular social worker stationed at school. Every family will get support tailored to their needs.


Students’ solicitude and happiness must be embodied in all the above programs.


Lastly, my grateful thanks go to all who participated in making this kindergarten a success


Thank you,


With kind regards to everyone


Dr. Andrew Wan