School Introduction
Lesson Characteristic
Learning / Pedagogical approach

A team of educators formed by the H.K. education department help to guide our teachers to create a program suitable for child development. Together they design an activity initiated by the children. Children are the main players. They make up rules of the game. They tackle problems as they come along. They do their own brain storming. From planning to finishing the product. This involves lots of teamwork and hard thinking. They learn how to overcome hurdles and frustration like they meet in their daily life. Teachers and instructors come in only when problems are beyond them to handle.

Learnt by experience

As the old saying goes, “children need to experience things for themselves in order to learn from them”. Our main theme of learning is based on the foundation formed by experience. Through concrete experience, observation, conceptualization, internalization, experimentation and finally the process of refinement. The importance of loving and caring of environment also play a role in all our game designing program.

A holistic approach and quality designed learning

Programs like music, aesthetic and physique are designed by special trained teachers who are experts in their chosen field. All these programs are cater for all ability ranges. We want to bring each child up into quite an individual and have their potential fully manifest. Teachers encourage independence of thought.

Language learning: English

A native speaking English teacher who has a degree in English language oversees this program. We stress the degree of interaction between teacher and student should be to the fullest. This program focuses on talking and working together, interactive teaching methods such as role playing takes up most of the lesson time. Students learn the right pronunciation of a word and the intonation of a sentence during exchanging of pleasantries with teacher.

Language learning: Putonghua

A teacher with the proficiency in Putonghua, is in charge of the program. She focuses on teaching Putonghua by narrating stories, reciting children lyrics, riddle guessing and charade playing. She wants students to be relaxed learning a language. Listening, reading out loud, role playing are often done in the early stage. A short conversation of exchanging pleasantries will be conducted in the later stages.