School Introduction
Educational Enterprise





The establishment always aims at helping early childhood education and seniors to live life to the fullest.

The founder Dr. Wan actively participates in charity work and volunteering, and he has contributed a great deal to society unreservedly especially to people who are in need.

Education is the surest path out of poverty, that is why he focuses so much on early childhood education.

Everyone should have an opportunity to acquire knowledge and turns into a valuable asset to society.

The kindergarten’s motto is “caring and moral virtue”. Chinese culture and family values are part of the kindergarten’s teaching.


  • Services available

    1.Education advisory
    2. Senior services
    3. Voluntary services
    4. Partnership programmers (Joint affiliated school to innovate new pedagogics)


  • Voluntary services
    Educational services and training
    1. Sharing ideas and school activities with all affiliated members
    2. Senior services: Free respites care service for all seniors


Recruitment for volunteers:
We welcome people over 16 years of age to join our voluntary work. We provide free training. You will soon have the credentials and competencies needed to provide quality services to children and families.


Please contact Miss Tsui

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