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Fees for Miscellaneous Items
  • Free students medical benefits
  • Free school uniform and school bag
  • Free miscellaneous items
  • Free school bus



2019-2020 Fees Tuition Fees for the School Year 2019-2020
Tuition Fee

(Half Day Class): Free

Whole Day: $1663Monthly Fee (September - July)

Meal Charge Whole Day: $319 Monthly Fee
School Bus Free
Miscellaneous Fee (First Term)
(K1): $510 (K2): $516 (K3): $516

Sports Uniform (Summer):$180 (Winter) :$180

School Uniform


(Summer - Girl):$150
(Summer - Boy):$150
(Winter - Girl) :$260
(Winter - Boy) :$230
School Jacket (Winter) :$250
Fast World Wide Ltd. Miscellaneous Fee and Uniform Fee will be collected by the school on behalf of the service provider.