Voice of School Manager:


Oct 7, 2020

Covid-19 pandemic (reopening kindergarten)


  • The new normal :
    We will pull through this Covid-19 pandemic, following the rules guided by the education department. Here I would like to reiterate those key issues.
    (i)      to practice physical distancing
    (ii)     to wear face coverings e.g mask, face shield etc.
    (iii)    to wash hands often with hand sanitizer
    (iv)    to use your own things e.g sorry, no sharing at the present time
    (v)    to cover your mouth when sneezing, coughing or yawning
    (vi)    to maintain good personal hygiene
    It is ingenuous to suppose that Covid-19 will go away as time passes, not at least for now. Children have to learn to curb the spread of the virus.
    Please, don't let your guard down. We will get through this together.


  • A congenial learning environment :
    Be aware that students have been cooped up at home for quite a while. They have been through a lot of troubles and affliction. The bad economic news puts a strain on everyone’s nerves. Teachers should take a cautious approach to all this when a situation arises. The kindergarten has put in many plexiglass acrylic dividers to check the spread of virus. Many students may find that they are in a strange classroom. Teachers need to explain it to alleviate their fear.
    Stresses and strains can bring out the worst in people. Teachers should be optimistic, even when things are at their worst. Teachers must try and keep their spirits up. There may be a few anxious moments in class but teachers should remain calm, and composed. A class goes well when students enter into the spirit of learning.


  • New computer programme for beginners in learning English :
    We will use a new English programme this year for learning English. This programme has received international acclaim. We introduced this for the betterment of our students.

My final word :

Our primary focus is on keeping our kindergarten open and maintaining high safety and health standards.

Take care, stay well.

You are all deeply appreciated.


Dr. Andrew Wan