Enrolment Procedure

Procedure for Sin Ching Kindergarten enrolment:

  • Application forms are available for those who were born in the year of 2018.
  • We welcome applications all year round.
  • Every child has a chance for an interview.
  • Application form can be down load from the kindergarten website.


Ways to get hold of an application form:
1) Download from our website
2) Pick up application form at the kindergarten office during office hours.

3) Online application


Please have your application form accompanied by the following documents:
A) a birth certificate
B) a copy of valid inoculation paper
C) two recent standard-sized photographs
D) 3 return envelops with postage affixed (size of the envelope 4” x 9”)


Interview for all candidates:

  • The date for next year school term interview is to be held on Nov 2020.
  • Two sessions, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, are available.
  • Please have your registration fee ready. The amount is $40.


Things being done on the day of an interview:
A) A brief conversation with parents, son and teachers.
B) A native English teacher will organize a play group with parents and kids to participate.


Suggest criteria used for assessing a student’s admission:
1) (2 marks) if he has a brother or a sister at school or a relative graduated from his kindergarten
2) (6 marks) for good parenting
3) (2 marks) for a child’s behavior and personally

Results will be mailed out before 18 Dec 2020
Registration day is on 7-9 January 2021


Please bring along the original copy of “Quality Free Education Admission Certificate” and $1000 registration fee.


Admission Arrangements for Nursery (K1) Classes in Kindergartens for the 2021/22 School Year
Parents may click :
or call the EDB’s Regional Education Offices, the Joint Office for Kindergartens and Child Care Centres or the EDB hotline for enquiry. 


Hotline on admission to Kindergartens

  • For "2021/22 K1 Admission Arrangement"
    3540 6808 / 3540 6811
  • For parents of non-Chinese speaking children
    2892 6676


Download Enrolment
Application Form