School Introduction
School Vision



Our vision at Sin Ching Kindergarten is to enable all students to achieve their absolute best in all areas of life. We aim to provide a solid educational foundation on which all students can build in years to come. They will go on to primary and secondary school instilled with decent ethical and human values such as honesty, integrity, steadfastness, responsibility and gratitude. We hope to reveal hidden talents during our nurturing of students so as to maximise their success and potential. Also, at Sin Ching we place a great deal of emphasis on maintaining good communication between teachers and parents. We hope such a harmonious relationship can enable mutual support where all concerned can be the best for their children and students. Overall we not only strive to foster academic growth, but also aim to sculpt and develop character growth so that our children will go off into life well-rounded and significant individuals.


Our mission

  1. We believe that every child is unique and has potential in their own way. We strive to create an environment that induces learning and caters for all abilities and needs.

  2. We intend to nurture our students so that they can utilize their own full potential and be proactive in learning and achieve their own goals.

  3. During a child’s development, we provide a team of experienced and fair teachers who inspire happiness and foster academic growth.

  4. We place great emphasis on kindness and ethical values. Through our school’s approach we intend to instil important values such as respect, compassion and equality. Eventually, every child will end up along a virtuous path in life.