Sin Ching Kindergarten學校簡介校舍設備活動花絮最新消息聯絡我們家校資訊相片下載交流及專訪辦學抱負師資簡介顧問團隊相聚一刻孩子們的努力文字方塊: As it happens, Sin Ching Kindergarten is moving forward to celebrate its eighth anniversary. It is a kindergarten run by a non-profit organization, situated at the ground floor of a government housing estate. We are content with what we have even though it can be enriched further with resources.

Our student’s enrolment grows from six to its maximum allowable capacity. It is sheer bliss to see an old student waved at me with a beatific smile as he walks past the schoolyard. No words can do justice to this sort of encounter.

The kindergarten’s motto always lingers on my mind “Be kind-hearted and be virtuous; upholding principle and moral righteous”. And in this spirit, our staff works together for the care and well-being of our students. I treasure every moment and chat with parents and I treat each student as an individual and design something to suit everyone’s needs. We do a lot of try-out programs and carefully exam the feed-back of them. 

We link with Open University and Vocational Training Council for kindergarten teacher practicum. We welcome them and give them platforms to work out their latest innovative schemes for early childhood development. Our teachers partake in many EDB activities. Currently, we have on site professional support services (facilitating learning through free play). 

This year, we put stress on ethnic harmony. My staff and I do believe that it is possible for different ethnic groups live together in harmony. We are engaging in a joint program with Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities, The University of Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong, and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University called “C-for-Chinese@JC”; funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club. 

I am an advocate of pragmatic approach to problem. I always remind my staff to put theories alongside a practicable plan. Many of our programs are run on a shoe-string, all we can do is to make the best of them. Even though many students are from indigent family, I want them to grow up and have a truly memorable childhood.

As the Chinese Philosopher Confucius says “A person who learns something is not as happy as a person who learns them for the love of learning. A person who learns something for the love of learning is not as contented as a person who learns something at his pleasure”. 

Lastly, my staff and I are greatly appreciated the unstinting support in all parties throughout the year.

The Voice of School Manager