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From school council
Nov 21, 2016

To further our commitment in view of multiculturalism and ethnic diversity, we intend to strengthen our existing programme by putting more resources to it for the well- being of our students.

In the field of English, Putonghua, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, we have a fully qualified teacher to teach each of the above subjects.

A) In English language, our teacher is a native speaker of English. We want students to appear less strained and more forthcoming when speaking English. More importantly, they can learn the right thing at the beginning. The teacher uses teaching materials and some software from publisher "Mels".

B) Putonghua
Putonghua is being taught by a fully qualified teacher. Students should learn the "real" Putonghua rather than the Cantonese translated Putonghua. We believe that a language should always be taught by a native speaker. Students deserve the chance to get it right in the first place.

C) Physical Education
Proper exercise is ultimately important for a child's development, particularly at the age of 3 to 8. They need to do the right stretch in order to have the muscle and bone to grow properly. Some exercise is particularly designed to stretch and tone your muscle. Some exercise is for shoulder and back muscle. For all these good reasons, we have added a qualified Physical Education teacher to our payroll. Students need healthy body to take on to-morrow.

D) Visual Arts
Children with an aesthetic appreciation at an early stage tends to mellow out their temperament. Learning visual arts can help children see things from other angles. It broadens their horizons. Based on this common believe, we have a qualified visual arts teacher as one of our regular staff. Child learn drawing, paper cutting, origami, and painting during their lesson time.

E) Music
Music is being taught by a qualified music teacher. Children should be able to pick up some simple notes and hum a tune by the end of the term. Singing and dancing lessons are also introduced. What they have learned will make them feel more comfortable in primary one music class.

F) Special care for new ethnic students.
A designated teacher will be assigned to look after those who don't speak Cantonese. The dos and don'ts of his etiquette and custom will be observed and other staff will be informed.

G) Free bus ride to school.
Free bus ride home.

H) Free Quality Kindergarten Education
The kindergarten has already been registered for Free Quality Kindergarten Education (2017). That means students don't pay any school fee once they enroll in a half-day session.

Words to ponder
 From the school manager.